Static Penis Stretchers to Help With Penile Problems


Penis stretcher devices have been very popular with men during the recent years because they want to increase the size of their penile. The penis stretching devices are very effective and they are very easy to use. Best of all, they are very safe, which is why a lot of men opt for them. These devices function by the principle of traction. This principle pertains to how the tissue of the organ can be stretched to stimulate the growth of tissues and the increase of penile size. It has long been used by orthopaedics in solving limb problems to effectively enlarge different kinds of tissues.

When simply looking at the device, its effectiveness eludes you because of its simple looks. In fact, the penile stretcher is actually composed of different parts that perform various complex tasks. For your safety, never attempt to make your own stretching devices because they may cause you serious physical injuries and damage your delicate organs. Homemade traction devices are a no-no.

Physically, the extender is made of double metallic rods with an adjacent plastic base, which is anatomically designed to fit the penis. A rubber strap on the end ensures that the device stays in its correct position. This strap is put around the gland of the penis. The base positions the rods in a straight position, which facilitates the growth of the penile pipe. The straps can be conveniently set so that the traction device puts a constant force on the penis ensuring constant enlargement. Do not worry about the force applied by the traction device. It is known to be medically safe. No risks are involved in using the device. As time goes by, your penis will increase in length so there will be a need to begin the addition of more rods to maintain the constant level of force. This ensures the constant length gain.

These mechanical enhancement devices make sure that you enlarge all the tissues in your penis. With the improvement of your erections come an enlargement of both length and girth. The improvement of your erections results from the growth of the corpora cavernosa of your penis. The corpora cavernosa is actually the chamber within your penile that holds blood in your organ during erections. You can wear the traction device for a few hours in a day and you will be able to see great results. This is why mechanical such devices are more effective than other kinds of stretching gadgets.

Source by Manfred Bruns