Still Using XP? Time to Upgrade


When Windows 7 was released middle of last year, many asked if there was really a need to upgrade to this latest operating system especially because its predecessor was only released during the early part of 2007. Just two years after the world was done in the " Vista craze ", another version was released. But this is not like 2007 where people actually changed from either Windows XP or 2003 version to Vista. Up until now, there are still many who are asking themselves whether they should upgrade their XP to 7.

If you are still using XP, do not feel like an outcast. You are actually not alone. There are still millions of home users and offices around the globe who are still using XP and have no plans of upgrading yet. And maybe your next question is: are there really a lot of new features that Windows 7 can offer? Well, the truth is, it has a lot of new features that will convince someone to upgrade. Below is a list of features that come with Windows 7 that are not in XP (taken from the Microsoft website):

– Navigate lots of open windows more quickly

– Print to a single printer from any PC in the house

– Open programs and files you use most in a click or two

– Manage printers, cameras, and other devices better.

– Designed for faster sleep and resume

– Built-in defense against spyware and other malware.

– Help keep your data private and secure

– Manage and monitor your children's PC use.

– Stream music, photos, and videos around your house.

– Touch and tap instead of point and click.

These are great new features and it would be cool to upgrade. But one downside, though, there is no way an XP user can directly upgrade to Windows 7. Either a clean installation will be done in your computer or you can have an external hard disk where you can install you new OS in a dual boot mode . Another option would be to upgrade to Vista then to Windows which is a rather time consuming process.

Now, the important thing you have to ask yourself is if it is really necessary for you to upgrade or not. If you only use your computer to do basic word processing, watch movies, listen to songs, go online for social networking, Youtube, Twitting, etc. – in other words, it's just meant for simple and normal things, then Windows XP already suits your needs. Some people are just stick to things that they have been used to. So if you feel like you're not ready to let go of your current operating system and you've sort of warmed up to XP, maybe as well as your postpone your upgrade.

But if you want to try new things and would like to try out the new features of Windows 7 that are not available in XP, then it's time for you to upgrade. Just be reminded that technology nowdays can change in the blink of an eye. Microsoft is currently developing the latest version of its operating system, Windows 8.

Source by Gerard Millan Sanchez