The All-Time Top 5 Gadgets For Men – Boys & Their Toys


Guys, Let's face it. Every one of us has certain gadgets & gismos that we just can not go without. According to recent surveys, some gadgets have risen to the top of the list because of the affordability & the long-term benefits that we receive from using them. Here are the top 5.

1. Widescreen / HD TV & Home Theater Systems

Modern technology has brought about some awesome developments in home entertainment. Now we have plasma TV's, widescreen TV, HD (high definition), surround sound, & even Blu-Ray. Sure, in the beginning these items may not have been very cost-effective, but now you can get this technology at a more affordable price.

In the past, it was cheap just to go to the theater & see a movie. But these days, it's just as fun to have the theater at home. Anyways, with the right set-up, now every movie you watch at home can be of the same quality (both sight & sound) as if you did go go out & spend $ 20 – & that's just for tickets.

2. Home Brewing Kits

Believe it or not, home brewing kits are one of the top all-time holiday gifts for men. And why not? There's not many things more rewarding then enjoying an adult beverage that you made all by yourself. Especially if it tastes good. Now you do not have to go out to a micro-brewery in order to get a great tasting beer. And who has a winery close to their home? Certainly not everyone. Tasty & fun. How can you go wrong?

3. The iPod / iPhone

While relatively new, the iPod is already a worldwide sensation. Available in more generations then your family tree is deep, the iPod is a staple gadget loved the world over. These wonderful devices are able to play a lot more than music. Heck, you can watch full-length movies on these things now. I will not even go into the iPhone. These are even newer than iPod's but these things are mini computers. They can access social networking sites like Twitter & Facebook. Movies, games, pictures, & more. Oh yeah, you can also talk to your friends with them as well.

4. The Powermat

Here is a gadget that every guy should have. The Powermat was designed with one thing in mind. Electricity. With one of these cool boy-toys, you can have safe electrical power ANYWHERE in any room you want. Wireless access. Pretty neat, huh?

5. The Penis Traction Device

You guys are probably thinking this: How can this be on the top 5 man-gadgets of all-time? Well, it's simple. Even though these devices have only been around for about 15 years, men have been trying everything to enlarge their penis for 2000 years. Heck, probably since the beginning of time. Actually, it's only in recent years that the penal transaction device has been recognized by the medical profession as an acceptable way to get real male enlargement. And that's the kind of gadget us men can really appreciate. Something that works well & makes our lives more fun.

Source by John W Marshall