The Apple iPhone 4 – Eight New Must Have Features


The new Apple iPhone 4 is one of the most eagerly anticipated gadgets of 2010. In this article we take a look at what you can expect from it and highlight the most radical improvements.

New look

The iPhone 4 will finally break free of the original design with a sleek, more squared off look. The back of the device sports a black colored smooth glass-effect finish with an aluminum frame.

Improved battery life

One of the few problems the earlier models was battery life, with a full charge sometimes not being enough to get through the day for heavy users. Internet talk suggests that the new battery will be upwards of 20% bigger to combat these issues.


The other main problem with earlier iPhones (as well as the poor battery life) was the inability to run several applications at once. The new iPhone OS 4 operating system will now allow multitasking, bringing the iPhone up to date with its Android and Windows Mobile based rivals from manufacturers such ass HTC, Motorola and Nokia.

Faster processor

To complement the new screen resolution, increased storage and multitasking, the iPhone 4G will get a new, faster processor based on the one used in the iPad.

Better screen

The 480×320 pixel resolution of the iPhone 3GS looks to be improved, with 960 × 640 considered the reasonable specification. Despite this improvement, the screen is set to be slightly smaller the previous generations. HD material should look great on the new iPhone 4 screen.

App storage

Previous iPhone operating systems have only allowed 180 apps to be stored on the device. Thanks to the introduction of iPhone OS 4 a huge 2,160 applications can now be stored along with the ability to collapse apps into separate folders.


Hot on the heels of the iPad, eBooks seem to be heading for the iPhone 4 as well through the availability of the new iBookstore feature. This will serve as an alternative to free iPhone Amazon's Kindle app.


It is anticipated that the iPhone 4 will use this smaller type of SIM card, as used in the iPad 3G models. If this proves to be the case expect users having a lot of hassle trying to get replacement SIM's from their network suppliers before being able to use their new phone.

We hope that the new features highlined above will help consumers decide on whether the iPhone4 is the right smartphone for them.

Source by Mac Jones