The Best Camping Gadgets


The Super Solar Shower

Avoid those long queues at the campsites showers by bring your own portable shower. The pack takes up little room in your backpack yet will hold a surprising 20 liters of water. Placed out in the sun the Solar Shower will warm the water in under 3 hours, though perhaps not ideal if you want a shower first thing in the morning, it will certainly be refreshing after a long day out walking or sight seeing. It is also great for the wilder campers among you who really get back to nature and forgo traditional campsites.

Inflatable Banana Carrier

While this might not seem the most essential of items it certainly solves the problem of having squashed bananas in your backpack. Bananas are a brilliant source of energy, which is vital for those hiking trips, yet placing bananas in your bag often end in disaster with an uneatable mush. With the Banana carrier you can make sure your favourite fruit is still edible when you want a snack.

Wind-Up Phone Charger

The wind-up phone charger means you can keep in touch even if you don’t have access to any power supply. To charge your phone you simply have to crank the winder to produce electricity that charges your phone. The winder is very easy to use and little force is need meaning people of all ages will be able to use this device. It’s always important to have your phone charged up so if you ever do find yourself in trouble you will be able to call for help.

Head Torch

While perhaps not the most stylish of items a head torch is extremely useful. By using one you will be able to keep your hands free which is great if you are having to put up a tent in the dark or are cooking a night time meal. For the more fashion conscious amongst you, you can buy brightly coloured or even sparkling head torches so you can stand out from the crowed.

Solar Fairy Lights

To bring a more festive atmosphere to your camping trips why not put up some solar powered fairy lights. During the day the lights will need some direct sun so at night the lights can shine and really enhance an evening barbeque or a romantic night under the stars.

Emergency Phone Charger

An essential for any trip is to make sure your phone is charged should any emergency aries so that help can be called quickly. This is however quite tricky if you have been camping for a week with little access to electricity as even the best phones will be running low on battery by now. This device will enable you to have a n extra 2 hours of battery life should you need it. A simple AA battery can be inserted in to the charger and provide that extra bit of life for your phone. For the music fans it will also work with your ipod so you don’t have to be with out music for that long boring ride back home.


Wasps are often one of the biggest pests when you venture into the great outdoors and it can be a real hassle to get rid of them and even more difficult to keep them away. The Waspinator works by simulating a rival wasp nest, fooling the wasp into thinking it has wondered into a rivals treaty, rather than risk a fight the wasp will soon flyway. This is an environmentally friendly way of riding yourself of one of the camper’s biggest enemies.

Source by Tom Sangers