The Best Way to Lose Weight and Fat


Being fat is not pleasant. Being fat is not pretty. Being fat is a bad idea. Being fat is not environmentally friendly – for the environment in general, or for your immediate environment. Being fat is a choice – as proven by the lap band – if you can’t eat anymore then you will lose weight… so stop eating and you will lose weight – genius! Weight loss is on so many people’s agenda that it is boring to hear about it – even slim people talk about losing weight.

Losing weight is easy – Eat less: Exercise more.

Weight loss is not about WEIGHT – it is about fat, because muscle weighs more than fat. But be sensible about your fat loss – Don’t under eat: Or over-exercise. Balance is the key to losing weight. Balance is the key to life.

* If you talk about losing weight – stop talking and start doing.

* If you think about losing weight – stop thinking and start acting.

Small changes make a BIG difference: eat smaller portions more regularly – snack on fruit instead of eating full meals; eat salads instead of heavy meats and carbs; skip dessert.

– If you feel hungry at any time, drink water – thirst makes you feel hungry.

– Stop drinking sodas and alcohol – they add to the fat.

– Stop saying, “just this time” to yourself – have some discipline and self-respect.

– Decide to lose weight (& fat) and then be disciplined with your regimen.

– Exercise – even walking will do. House cleaning too. But do something.

– Sexercise – it burns lots of calories and puts you in a good mood; it instills desire – desire to be better and desire to be desired.

Don’t look for shortcuts when you want to lose weight – Weight loss is a process; Weight loss is a lifestyle; Weight loss is not a diet or a fad or a pill.

Don’t overly castigate or congratulate yourself: if you gained some weight, don’t give up – try harder. If you lost a pound or two but you still look fat, don’t be too proud of yourself – keep going.

Don’t use the scales – it does NOT matter how much you weigh – it matters how good you look and feel.

Weight loss is a decision that keeps on giving (in a losing kind of way). Decide on Weight loss (& fat loss) – but stop before you waste away and look like a sickly oddball. Weight loss – a choice.

Guy Blews

Source by Guy Blews