The Effectiveness Of Penis Elongation Using Various Devices


To this day the penile enlargement market has become a billion pound global industry & this definitely shows with the amount of penis elongation devices that are currently out there right now. Stretchers, jelqing machines, pumps & extenders for penis elongation are often advertised across the web, they would usually be a form of spam e-mail, which can be annoying.

But do they work are there advantages or disadvantages?

These methods of penis elongation will work, but they don’t have permanent results, let’s take pumps for instance, which in fact only started out as a way for men to recover from impotence. It is a suction device that draws blood into the penis which creates an erection. You will draw in the maximum amount of blood, so giving you the largest erection you would probably have seen. To keep the enlarged penis up & make it stay there you will need to put a rubber ring (called a penis or cock ring) around the penile base which will trap any blood flow from being released out of the shaft.

The pumps could possibly be harmful if used incorrectly. If the pumping became really hard or vigorous it could lead to your testicles being sucked inside casing a lot of damage and weeks of pain. This is plainly why I would not attempt to use one of these. You could also incur rupturing of the blood cells and depending on how severe they were it could take days or even weeks to heal.

Penis elongation extenders & stretchers work on the same notion. You are expected to strap them to your manhood for a good number of hours a day. The purpose is to help stretch the internal ligaments of the penile shaft, thus extending it. Although there is some truthfulness to what these devices can accomplish for you, there is as well a way more disturbing side. An extender or stretcher will help to elongate the suspensery & fundiform ligaments which will lengthen your penis however they will do next to nothing for the thickness. Regrettably the longer your penis becomes by using these gadgets, the thinner it gets. It’s now likely to be weak and venerable. You could acquire some pain during sexual activity.

It ought to be recalled that a female’s vagina is the muscle that can be stretched to a huge amount: It is made to fit newborn babies, so there is no issue to fit any male penis as well. When a penis enters the vagina, it stretches the vaginal wall, stimulating the nerves, this is what female’s will enjoy and get the most orgasms from. The reason is that the huge majority of the nerves that are stimulated in the work of penetration (both the vaginal and anal varieties) can be found close to entry point of the vagina and anus. This makes length less significant and width that much greater a factor.

I’ve seen plenty of the penis elongation gadgets over recent years one of them being a jelqing machine. In case you are unacquainted to what jelqing is, it’s an old ancient penis enlargement technique.

The exercise has been scientifically test and proven to work & will without a doubt make your penis larger. The necessary action will let you fill the penis with great amounts of blood helping to pump it up to a bigger size & will help to stretch the ligaments to. Many centuries ago when jelqing started men only had their hands to perform this exercise. So you don’t really need to use the machine to complete this technique, they could even cause injury if used wrong.

So after all that, if a bigger penis is what you require then do you think it would be better to increase size naturally using a range of penile enlargements exercises in the penile enlargements programme? There is an exercise for all aspects of penis health an enhancement.

The exercises techniques consist of helping with;

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Source by Jude S Clarke