The Features of Windows 7


Compared with Vista, Win7, the functions of Windows 7 has been greatly improved and it has many special features.The specific features are as follows:

I System Features

The designs of Windows 7 are primarily around the five keys -the unique design for notebook computer; the design based on application services; the users personalized; entertainment optimization; ease use of new engine. And the startup screens of Windows 7 are more convenient to use.

(1) Easer to use

Windows 7 has done a lot of user-friendly design, such as maximum speed, the half-screen display of window, skip list, quick fixes of system failure, etc. All these new features make Windows 7 become the easy use windows.

(2) More quickly

Window 7 has reduced the startup time of windows significantly. It was observed that the load time is generally not more than 20 seconds when running under low-end configuration in 2008. It is a big progress compared with Windows Vista's 40 seconds.

(3) Simpler

Windows 7 will make searching and using information more easily, including local, network and Internet search function. And it can also integrate the automation applications and cross-application data.

(4) More secure

Windows 7 desktop and Start menu Windows 7 includes improved security and functions legalization. The improvements of Windows 7 are based on role's computing solutions and user's account management. It builds bridges of inherent conflict between beta protection and solid collaboration. Meaning while, it will start the enterprise-class data protection and permissions.

(5) Lower cost

Windows 7 can help enterprise optimize their desktop infrastructure. It has a seamless operating system and data migration capacities, it simplify PC supply and upgrade it at the same time. And it makes effort towards the full application program.

(6) Better connectivity

Windows 7 has enhanced the mobile ability of work further; any device can access data and applications no matter when and where. The wireless connectivity, management and security features will be further expanded when open the solid special collaboration experience. Finally, Windows 7 will bring flexible computing infrastructure, including fat, thin, network-centric model.

II Windows 7 is Vista's small updates but great changes

(1) More humane UAC

Vista's UAC made their user suffering a lot. However, UAC control level increased to four in Windows 7, by this way, it makes the UAC more secure without cumbersome.

(2) The most beautiful but the most energy-efficient Windows at so far

Windows 7's aero effect is more magnificent and it has collision effect, water droplets effect and plentiful desktop gadgets. These add much color than Vista. However, Windows 7's resource consumption is the lowest. The implementation efficiency is faster than others and the notebook's battery life has been increased significantly. The Microsoft's CEO said, Windows 7 is the most green and energy-efferent system.

(3) Bluetooth Audio

Windows 7 includes Bluetooth audio driver, it means it can support the Bluetooth headset or speakers without much setup and installation. (Lack of Bluetooth support the vista attracted a lot of user's complaints).

(4) Music Wall

The music wall which introduced into the Media Center is from Zune software. When you're play an album in the Media Center, the background will download all your album cover automatically.

The Windows 7 has many useful features, the features on the above are only the basic characters, and you should try it to find more specific features.

Source by Bingbing Deng