The Future of Network Communications


Network communications make the world go round, with all the latest gadgets now readily accessible, anyone can have technology at their finger tips. It has come a long way in such a short space of time too. It does not seem that long ago we were showing off our new Nokia 6110 phone off. But now it is the smart phones that rule supreme, with the I-phone and Blackberry being the latest must have gadgets. Yet since we have some so far in such a short space of time, does this mean there is going to be a slump for 2010?

Gadgets are typically being updated every few months, if not more regularly. But since the I-Phone and the Blackberry, the I-Pod and the laptop-how much more can we go? With a country still in recession it is easy to see why some of these large network communications companies may have a problem on their hands. What is there to follow up? Recent gadgets that have been released have not done so well, such as the Sony E-Reader and Amazon Kindle. What is next for technology? It seems that a large gap may have appeared in the market.

The recession has already really damaged the electronics market and it's clear to see that it is limited on what the next 'must have' item is going to be. Consumers do not seem to interested in purchasing all-in-one gadgets, when they probably have their phone, camera and MP3 player already. So where does this leave the network communications gadgets? There will always be fad products, and trendy 'must haves' that will likely appeal to the younger generations and really, are not that useful.

The gap seems to have become so wide down to that technology and network communications have reached a point where the latest technology is so advanced that Mr and Mrs Smith can afford an I-phone but not an organic computer. It will be interesting to see how much further things are able to advance, with both the limitations of the recession and affordability of technology. For now, we shall have to embrace how useful our network communications are for both business and pleasure.

Whatever the outcome, it is worth remembering how important network communications are to keep the business world afloat. Without many of the different phones, internet connections, VoIP technology life would be very different to how it is today.

Source by Dominic Donaldson