The Scarcity Model – Food Security Investment Strategy


As the effects of environmental degradation begins to bite the guilty and the innocent, the world food situation is not a loving matter anymore. Everything is unusual. Scholars and researchers are struggling to enlighten people about the eminent danger looming regarding food scarcity and hunger affecting the world population.

They have devised a food investment model that is simple; the scarcity model. Talk about the famous green revolution, chemically oriented farming and more other practices begun in the years of 1940s. The soils are now exhausted and the effects from pesticides and fertilizers have made the results to decline. This is simply a time of reduced returns from agricultural produce.

From the effects of urbanization, the fertile land that could be used for farming is diminishing day by day as the struggle for urbanization and the "2030 or 2060 vision" eats the world slowly but surely. Something has to be done sooner than we think or else the stinging will clear both plant and animal life in the near future.

As the population seeks to consume more proteins and fatty oriented foods and moving away from cereal based produce, the future food security remains in limbo. There is need to change our view about the general global food security situation as people move away from farming to produce oil.

Reports indicate that close to one billion people faces starvation in the year 2009 (UNFAO) since food scarcity model must be designed to safe the world from hunger. Many people may argue that hunger and food production are two different variables, but this is a mistaken assumption. Without food, the population is left hungry; they share one thing in common, just like day and night has equal hours.

Church leaders have there opinions too. They view food and clean water as the fundamental basics in the life of people and not the cleverly notice that says he who has much receives more. The church humbles itself to say that concected efforts have to be made so as to feed the poor and poor members of the society. A clinical map (the scarcity model) showing the route to eradicate hunger has to be legislated by states around the world and not just mere talks that have no bearing to the food situation.

The safe the hungry scarcity model will definitively redeem the status of food claims and may help solve hunger, take care of economic meltdowns and restore dignity of people living in abject poverty. Even if it means dropping a few returns to cover for investments, it is a worthy course to save the world from food scarcity.

Developed nations have to play the fiddle in coming up with food legislation that will lay the track for other nations to follow in the race to becoming a food rich world. Distribution avenues, strategies and subsidies regarding food commodities should be adjusted too so that every person access food; both in the rural areas and urban setups.

With the scarcity model, fuel and oil needs have to be placed a distance from food needs so as there is plentiful for all people.

Source by Mika Hamilton