The Ten Best Romance eBooks of 2009


Of all the GLBT romance and erotica e-books I read in 2009, these were my favorites. Please note that this list reflects my own, highly subjective opinion and is not an official list from any website or organization.

10. Nights in Pink Satin by Sharon Maria Bidwell. In another lifetime, Vincent was known as Count Dracula. In modern London, as he prepares for his annual vampire cotillion, Vincent becomes intrigued by a bolt of fuscia-pink satin, and obsessed with finding out who would want to line a coffin with such an extravagant fabric. The answer leads him to some surprising truths about himself in this offbeat paranormal romance.

9. Queer Hauntings by Ken Summers. In my hometown is the Truman's Entertainment Complex, consisting of two linked GLBT bars, one a sports bar and one a dance club. Did you ever stop to consider there may be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual spirits, as well as the heterosexual ghosts we typically hear about the ghost hunters? That is the topic of the nonfiction book Queer Hauntings . If you love ghost stories at all, you'll find it fascinating, from the famous ghosts (Liberace is said to haunt the restaurant he once owned, for example) to ordinary people and couples who lives were cut tragically short.

8. The Dandelion Clock by Jay Mandel. The Dandelion Clock by Jay Mandal is a sweet romance novel. Its main characters just happened to be two men, David and Rob, English guys in the 1980s. In this very realistic character study, 20-something David pines for 19-year-old Rob, but will Rob ever even notice?

7. Agency of Extraordinary Mates: Finding Magic by Kate Douglas. I've enjoyed Kate Douglas's spicy novels for years, and this book was no exception. It's fun, and the reader will certainly find magic!

6. I Kissed a Girl , edited by Regina Perry. Inspired by Katy Perry's pop tune, the twelve short stories in this anthology crackle with tension. In each tale, a woman kisses another woman for the first time. Sometimes, her boyfriend does not mind it … others are purely Sapphic imaginings, with nary a Y-chromosome in sight. All are passion-inspiring; Some are beautifully told stories in their own "write."

5. Secretly Bound by Jade. Jade and her wife Jessica live in the Netherlands with their young son. Jessica unfortunately wants to have another child, but she's having trouble getting pregnant again. Jessica's increasing disappointment creates a rift between them, leading Jade down a dangerous path. She seeks to ease her loneliness by flirting with a woman she meets on an online social network. What follows is a tense blend of romance, sensuality, and action. Fans of Anais Nin will appreciate the way Jade (the author) weaves the story of Henry and June into her narrative.

4. Other Magical Creatures , edited by M. Rode. OMC is a collection of steamy, long short stories / short novellas with paranormal characters. There's a weretiger, an artist who sells his soul to a demon, a couple of witches, a handy of werewolves, an ancient Greek god reincarnated as a bartender!

3. Samhain's Embrace by Jesse Fox. If you have any interest in Celtic Mythology, you will find it a fascinating little volume. It's a contemporary story, set in modern times. Bran has lost the love of his life to a brutal murder … and only a shadowy figure from the world of ancient gods and goddesses can make him feel alive again.

2. Up For Grabs , edited by Lauren P. Burka. If your reading tastes are a bit quirky, if you're an open-minded reader, and if you enjoy the premise of "What if?" … then Up For Grabs , edited by Lauren P. Burka (Circlet Press) is just the book for you. In these five delicious tales, gender is up for grabs, and science pushes the boundaries between male and female, natural and unnatural.

1. Sappho Sings by Peggy Ullman Bell. I rarely give a novel five stars, but I was tremendously impressed with the quality of storytelling in Sappho Sings , a fictionalized biography of the ancient Greek poet by Peggy Ullman Bell. Whether or not you are familiar with Sappho's timeless verse, this book brings history to life, and is a rollicking good romance as well!

Source by Erin Schmidt