The Top 5 Google Gadgets to Add to Your Blogger Blog


If you are a fan of Blogger (like I am) then you probably love the introduction of hundreds of new Gadgets that you can add to your blog for more functionality. Gadgets (Google’s term for what is more commonly known as widgets) mean that you can add your personality to your blog by showing a list of your favorite movie quotes, or perhaps you could offer your viewers a game of pong? With so many to choose from what are the best Google Gadgets to add to your Blogger Blog?

1. Followers (Find it in Basics) – Followers is kind of like Google’s version of Twitter meets RSS. You can follow people and they can follow you or they can subscribe to your blog anonymously. It’s one of the easiest way’s to get more traffic to your blog (just start following people and they will likely start following you too).

2. HTML/JavaScript (Basics) – Obviously being able to add your own code to your blog page will enhance its functionality exponentially. You can add your own opt-in box to start a mailing list, Add Images and Links very easily to your other pages, and even put in a PayPal button and sell something right from your blog.

3. Countdown (Featured) – Allows you to add a countdown to your blog. You can countdown to your birthday, Christmas, until you launch a new product, anything you like.

4. Feed (Basics) – You can add a feed from your other blogs, your Squidoo lens, or if you are an EzineArticles author you can add a feed from your author page to show your latest articles.

5. AdSense (Basics) – If you want to make some money from your Blog one of the first places to start is by adding AdSense to your page. You will need an account with AdSense first so make sure you write a few posts on your blog before you apply. Then you can just add your AdSense code to the Gadget and can start earning money.

To add Gadgets to your blog just head to your Dashboard and go Layout | Page Elements then click on the Add a Gadget link wherever you would like to place it.

Source by Tracey A Edwards