The Toy Robot That Has His Own Friend


You have most likely heard of robots which have been considered by kids as their friends. After all, there are kids who simply are not sociable people so instead, they turn to toys like robots and that is when they look at them as friends.

However, this is the first time that you would probably be hearing of a toy robot which would be coming with its own friends. Yes. This gadget does not need to have a person who would be his friend because he already comes with a friend of his own. Now that is a really interesting gadget.

Now this gadget which is also a toy robot is known as the Program-A-Bot. And having his own friend is not the only thing that it can do. People who would be playing with this gadget from Gadget Epoint would certainly be amazed at by what it can do. Aside from the usual actions like walking and doing those turns, the Program-A-Bot could also dance as well as make its own set of sounds. You could turn it on and just let it walk its way through your house. You do not have to worry about it getting right into your precious vase or whatever item because the Program-A-Bot has sensors. These sensors would tell the gadget if there is something that it is about to bump and when that happens, Program-A-Bot changes directions.

The creators of the Program-A-Bot have said that they have designed it to be like most toy robots . According to them, this one is going to bring its user hours of laughter and amazement. Kids who are 5 years old and older can play with this toy robot. Just so you know, though, Program-A-Bot has artificial intelligence so that you can program just what you would like it to do. Real nice, right?

Source by Paula James