The World's Strongest Stun Guns


Stun guns are made so that you can have a device that will help in self-defense but not necessarily permanently hurt an attacker. But, there are stun guns that are used by not just civilians but also by law enforcers. And these guns considerably have higher voltage power than the regular guns.

A stun gun can release voltage amount from 100 to 5 or 6 million volts. Of course, the ones that release more than 4 million volts are considered the strongest ones.

With this in mind, a little recap about the stun gun might be required. This device is a portable item that can releases electrical impulses when triggered. This is usually handed and has two prongs at its end. These prongs serve as the parts that deliver the electric shock. When a body part or clothes are exposed to these prongs and the trigger is folded, the electrical current will be released to the body.

Regardless of the amount of volts that the device releases, the body will have the same effect. Although, it can be noted that higher voltages will have more potent effects. When a body part is exposed to the current delivered by the stun gun, the muscles are triggered to work faster than normal. This can be the same mechanism as in a cramp but since the action is quick, the results also come quickly. The muscles are depleted of oxygen as there is reduced blood flow. With this, the normal impulses that are occurring in the muscles are disrupted. This action happens in just a few seconds.

The effect of a stun gun can be for just a few minutes. However, the strongest varieties can disable for about 30 minutes or even more.

The strong stun guns that have voltages in a million to several millions only have low amperage. This means that since these large numbers, no permanent damage occurs to a person who has been hit by this device with 4 million volts.

This is the reason why these guns, no matter how strong they are, are still great self-protection devices. These may also be a better alternative to guns used by law enforcers in select situations.

These come in different sizes. The big ones do not need to have higher voltage and the small ones do not need to have lower voltage. The big ones can be as long as 20 inches. These are the so-called stun batons. These are most commonly seen transported by law enforcers. The mini ones can be as small as a few inches.

Again, although the size does not necessitate dictate the amount of voltage a device has, it can be harder to find a small one with a few million volts.

Aside from differences in sizes, these devices also differ in shape. The batons, of course, resembling thick sticks. The smaller varieties are like small but thick boxes. And there are also those that are curved for easier handling and more convenient storage.

Source by Cori Baker