Top 10 Features Your Next Car Should Have


While going ahead with purchase of your next car, do not just insist on the automatic lock and power windows which add luxury. Instead check out the latest standard technology plus the advantages of modern goodies and gadgets.

The following are the ten features and options which will make life with your car much safer and easier.

1. The keyless entry systems provide you an opportunity to unlock your valuable car by just pushing a button on the given remote. This helps in quick entry into your car without meddling with the key. So, there is no unnecessary worry about an unwanted intruder entering into your car when parked in the parking lot.
2. The OnStar system informs you immediately when your car tire gets flat, when a person follows you, it summons the cops or tow truck, and deploys the airbag automatically among other things.
3. The antilock brake systems (ABS) takes care of the individual wheel speeds that is if one tire locks up, the system pushes the brakes much more faster than a human could.
4. The ESC systems normally uses the accelerometers, anti-lock brake sensors and steering wheel / pedal position sensors to find out exactly what the car is really doing.
5. Most of the new cars have height-adjustable (tilt) steering columns. So should your car.
6. Check for rear-seat entertainment systems with wireless headphones.
7. The car should be equipped with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system and sensors.
8. Whether it has side airbags to cushion your noggin and help keep it safely inside the car.
9. The car should have a power outlet to provide an easy way to recharge your mobile phone while traveling and keeping it out of sight.
10. The new car should promise roadside assistance as part of warranty.

Source by Pauline Go