Top 10 Handheld & PDA Gadgets – Christmas Gifts Guide For 2008 – Get the Best Xmas Presents Now


It must be tough for those on the upper class strata who work so hard for almost the rest of the year and ended up confused as to what perfect gift they can give their big bosses and executives. For those always on a business suit and desires to impress their bosses, here is the Top 10 Handheld and PDA's Christmas Gifts for 2008 that will definitely leave an incredible impression to your bosses:

1. Sony PRS-505 / LC Blue Digital Book Reader. This blue digital book reader is a first-class digital book reader from Sony. With its simple yet urban design, this will absolutely impress your boss with its integrated eBookstore with 20k titles. It also has up to 7,500 page turns when fully charged.

2. HP iPAQ 111 Classic Handheld (FA979AA # ABA) (110 Series). This classic handheld 110 series is loaded with Windows Mobile 6.0 plus 624 MHz processor with 64 MB Ram and 256 MB flash ROM. It is also equipped with a built-in WiFi so your boss can always check his email especially when you are beating the deadline and up to the last minute submission.

3. Palm TX Handheld. If your boss is someone with a specific taste for style, this handheld gadget is the one for him. With its sleek 128 MB flash memory and 320×480 widescreen, it can easily check its emails even when on his car.

4. Palm Tungsten E2 Handheld . With an amazing 65,000 colors, this handheld offers a 320×320 Transflective TFT color display with touch screen and a built-in Bluetooth technology. This enables your boss to connect with compatible wireless devices like their mobile phones, laptops, and printers.

5. Nokia N810 Portable Internet Tablet. This is so unique with its integrated GPS receiver and ability to connect with useful web applications like Mozilla, Google Talk, Gizmo, and Skype. Your boss will certainly value this with its 2 GB onboard memory.

6. HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld (210 Series). One of HP's collection items, this Enterprise handheld lets your boss saves highly confidential and important information with its high-capacity SDIO and Compact Flash expansion. They can also use a headphone, microphone, and other USB devices at their convenience.

7. Asus A626 3.5-inch PDA Windows Mobile 6.0, Wi-fi (802.11 B + g), Bluetooth 2.0 (edr). A truly wonderful invention from Asus, this PDA has a CPU – Marvell Xscale processor and memory of 128 MB Flash Rom and 64 MB SDRAM that would really fascinate your boss.

8. Nokia 02700T6 N810 WiMAX Edition Portable Internet Tablet. If you have a highly technical boss, this portable internet tablet is definitely his match. With its 4.1-inch LCD wide touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard, and Web 2.0 connection, it will never ever get bored again.

9. Sony Ericsson C905i Unlocked Cell Phone – International Version with No US Warranty (Night Black). If your boss wants something extraordinary, something wild beyond his imagination, try giving him this Sony Ericsson unlocked cell phone with its 3G Euro Standard and 8+ megapixel cameras and a lot more.

10. Nokia N800 Portable Internet Tablet. This beautiful portable internet tablet allows you to access the web and see it on a high-resolution widescreen display. It also supports Adobe flask 9 browser plugs in perfect for your boss this Christmas.

So do not despair if you are having a difficult time looking for the perfect gift for your boss this Christmas. With our Top 10 Handheld and PDA's Christmas Gifts for 2008, your future this coming year will certainly be bright.

Source by Faviano Torres