Top Gadget Predictions For 2009


In 2008, we saw quite a few great gadgets hitting the shelves. I'm sure we've all enjoyed these. However, now we need to move onto 2009. These are the top predictions of what will happen in the Electronics industry in 2009.

  • High Definition TV and High Definition Gadgets such as camcorders will keep on getting more popular. This is because the price of these are becoming lower and lower so more people can afford them, and people want better quality TV and gadgets.
  • Digital TV will carry on building too. Some places have already switched to Digital TV. For many places though, 2009 is the year where they will convert to Digital TV, which means 2009 will be a big year for them.
  • Projectors will get more popular. This is because the price keeps on lowering, and also because people want to build more onto their home cinema systems all the time and a projector is a great way of doing so.
  • Blue Ray will be used more around the world. The invention of blue ray has not really reached that many people over its time so far, but 2009 is predicted to be the year where everyone switches to using Blue Ray.
  • Cheaper Computers will get more popular too. This is because people are starting to realize that a lower end computer can do all the tasks they need, and people need cheaper electronics too because of economic downturns.
  • A bigger rise in mobile phones is to be expected too. Although everyone thinks that everyone has a mobile phone, they do not. There will be a bigger rise in the more expensive mobile phones with everyone trying to get the latest phones.

Source by Jake Ruston