Top Seven Features of IPhone OS 4.0 You Should Know


The introduction of Apple iPhone OS 4.0 on Thursday, April 8, 2010 made a new way of completing the puzzle that iPhone started long ago. I can still remember how many complaints have been received by Apple Support about the bugs that consumers have experienced. Thus, the company strived to do more about it by releasing fix patches and made the Operating System of their iPhone evolved. Right now, we are in the fourth generation or the fourth stage of evolution of iPhone OS. Apple is on the verge of releasing their Latest Technology Innovation when it comes to making really powerful and smart phones.

There has been more than a hundred changes and fixes bought by iPhone OS 4.0. However, Steve Jobs (CEO) and Scott Forstall (Senior Vice President) focused more on delivering the dynamic seven highlights or what they so-called "tent poles" of iPhone OS 4.0. Let us try to tackle them one by one;

# 1. The Multi-tasking Capability of iPhone OS 4.0

I have to be honest, I am not happy with my iPhone since I can not do multi-tasking. However, I had to stick with it since I knew from the very start that Apple will certainly release other OS with this capability. However, iPhone 3GS arrived but still I was not able to hear any news about the multi-tasking capability. I was even thinking it would not come into reality until I heard rumors about iPhone OS 4.0 which I was related to believe. Well, Thursday was the judgment day and it made me real happy.

iPhone OS 4.0 is made to fulfill yet another missing side of Apple iPhone. Although, not all models of iPhone can be compatible with this OS, still I am happy since mine is one of the compatible ones. For the ones who do not know yet, iPhone OS 4.0 is only compatible with iPhone 3GS and third generation iPhone and iPod Touch.

# 2. The E-Mail

I never had any problems when it comes to e-mail the ability of my iPhone. Although, obviously, it still lacks some improvements due to its limited options for sorting message and un-unified inboxes. Happy to say that iPhone OS 4.0 can resolve those problems.

With this new OS you will be able to add multiple Exchange accounts and quick switch between these accounts. For more information, you can organize your emails by thread and open the attachments using your preferred apps. But most importantly, you will now have a unified inbox.

# 3. The Folders

I am sick and tired of scrolling down through all the seven home pages just to find my preferred app. I know you are, too. The idea of ​​home screen folders will surely make my life a little easier when using iPhone. What I have to do is to long press the home screen, 'til such time that the icons jiggle, and I can take an app and drop it on top of the other to create a folder.

To change the default name or see the contents of the folder, you just have to tap it and enable expanded view. But I am not sure how many apps you can put inside one folder or if there is a limit to it. It is for you to find out.

# 4. Enterprise

Forstall made a statement that 80% for Fortune 500 companies are now using iPhones. The fact is, iPhone has not reached what BlackBerry has reached so long as it concerns the IT department. My thought is, Apple will never stop pursuing such market that is why they have added plentiful of capabilities to their new OS.

The wireless app distribution, enhanced data protection, multiple exchange account, support for SSL VPN from Cisco and Juniper and support for Exchange 2010 are just some of the additions you can enjoy with iPhone OS 4.0.

# 5. Get iBooks

With OS 4.0, iPhone owners will be able to get iBooks on their devices; iBooks is the Apple's e-book reader. With this capability, I am pretty sure I can get access to Apple's iBoodstore to purchase fresh contents and ebooks. Now, since I also got an iPad, do you think I will be able to read my favorite ebook through it without buying another? Absolutely! Also, I can sync the current page I am reading.

# 6. The iAds Functionality

This is really new functionality for iPhones. Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall spent a lot of time explaining about this feature on Thursday. It may be helpful for others as it will cater ads which you can easily click to find information on various advertisements you may be able to see in you iPhone. Alright, let's say that you are seeing an ad about the movie "Avatar" upon clicking on it you will be viewing such a movie.

# 7. Game Center

I am pretty sure Apple is still doing some improvement on this as it will come later this year. If you really love playing in a social gaming network, this functionality is what you are looking for; you may be able to invite your friends to play with you or share achievements on all your games. I bet, this one's gotta be fun enough.

Other Changes

Did I mention earlier that iPhone OS 4.0 has more than a hundred new changes? Well, it is true but I will be able to write a book about iPhone OS 4.0 if I will get into details about all of them. Here are a few which you can easily spot when you use your iPhone with its newest OS;

• Larger fonts for alerts, texts and emails
• Spell-check capability
• Persistent WiFi
• Search text messages
• Create favorite playlists
• iPod out
• Recent Web searches
• Etc, etc … there are lots of them.

Source by Harold Hasona