Troubled by Your Small Penis? Practice This Routine Daily and Start Growing Your Penis Bigger!


Hate the embarrassing feeling of showing your small penis to your partner in bed? Want to be more confident in yourself and enjoy a better sexual relationship? Good news for you! Growing your penis bigger is possible, and even easy to go about too. All it takes is just some private time in the morning to stretch your manhood in size!

Forget about all the talk of taking growth pills or buying expensive gadgets that claim to help grow your male organ bigger. To really effectively (and safely) increase your size, stretching exercise on your penis is the only scientifically proven way. So much so that even medical professionals readily recommend their patients to start exercising their organ every day.

Although stretching exercise may sound like a big task lying ahead for you, in reality it is absolutely simple to practice. There are no tools needed … not even any weights to hang on your poor genital. In fact, if you could spare 20 minutes each morning before starting your day, you can easily follow the simple set of stretching routines.

One of the easiest stretching technique which you can start practicing the next morning after you wake up is to stroke your penis with a certain amount of pressure using your hand.

1) You start by lubricating your penile body. Not too much; just enough to ease the friction between your hand and your organ.

2) Grip the base of your penis gently using the forefinger and thumb of one hand.

3) Start applying a constant but easy pressure on your grip, and move it upwards.

4) Stop just before you reach the head part, as that is the most sensitive area of ​​your organ.

5) Release your grip, relax your penis a while, then repeat the whole process.

To make the whole routine effective yet still safe to your penile health, repeat the whole routine 15 times. That would only amount to no more than 2 minutes of your time.

Complements this stretching technique with other similar easy routines each day. In just a couple of weeks, you could start seeing an obvious transformation to your penis size. And if you are diligent enough to practice the whole workout each day for the next 6 weeks or so, there is no denying you will end up with a significantly larger set of manhood for the rest of your life!

Source by Bill Waterman