Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Lose Weight One Month at a Time


Is weight loss part of your Type 2 diabetes prevention plan? If so are you struggling? Have you determined the reason why? Potentially, there may be several reasons. It is common to have a difficult time with weight loss, and often there is more than one challenge involved. It could…

  • have to do with nutrition or exercise.
  • be due to poor habits, like overeating, snacking, or excessive consumption of alcohol.

Even quality of sleep matters.

If the above suggestions are not enough to pinpoint the reasons why you have struggled to make progress, you may need to approach this from another angle.

  • what is your weight loss history?
  • have you succeeded in the past, or have you had limited results?

Maybe what you could be dealing with is weight loss fatigue.

Have you been trying to lose weight for an extended period? If it has only been for a few weeks, you may not have seen much progress because you have not done enough. Maybe you are underestimating how much you are eating, or despite exercising, you are overcompensating by eating more than you should without realizing it. The latter is a standard issue with those who try to burn their fat mostly through exercise. Appetite must be accounted for as well, especially considering it tends to increase when you begin to exercise.

If you have been working on losing weight for months or years, there is a good chance you have been dieting for too long and need a break. In any case, there is a simple fix: try losing weight one month at a time.

One month is roughly four weeks. For four weeks…

  • limit your caloric intake,
  • exercise a few times every week,
  • eat healthily. You can be more flexible with your food choices on the weekends.

See how much progress you can make with four weeks of dedicated effort. After the four weeks are done, give yourself a break. However long the break needs to be: it could be a few days, a week, or longer. Or, you may not feel you need a break at all. But the point is to take weight loss one month at a time. This is because it should not feel like it is a ceaseless struggle.

If you have stalled due to a different reason, it may still help to pause your efforts. When you get back to dieting, try losing weight again but this time with the needed changes. And, plan to go about it four weeks at a time.

If this idea is new to you, it may be just what you needed to boost your progress.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers