Unique Asthma Remedies and Their Effectiveness!


Asthma is generally referred to as a chronic respiratory problem and its characteristicistic behaviors are wheezing, shortness of breath and chest congestion. Researchs and studies are still going on to find a magic cure for asthma.

Now the people suffering from asthma generally opt for natural and home remedies since taking medicines for a long time may cause side effects. The patients vouch that these basic natural remedies and home treatment for asthma has helped them and it is very effectual.

There are some good natural and home remedies which help in alleviating the symptoms and also in keeping the asthma attacks few and far between.

Honey is an effective home remedy used to palliate the asthma attack. There are evidences to prove that smelling honey has been able to calm the asthmatic attacks. Honey, radish and lemon juice is blended and cooked on low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes and this mixture is taken in small quantities every morning on an empty stomach to reduce the severity of the asthmatic attacks.

Another concoction which is made of crushed garlic, cloves, pure honey, milk and olive oil is also taken by the asthma patients to reduce the intensity and frequency of the asthmatic attacks.

Yoga also helps asthmatic patients because it is often found that stress trigger off asthmatic attacks.So yoga exercises teach people on how to control their breathing and relieve stress.

Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 should be included in the patients' diet plan because it helps in reducing the inflammation caused to the lungs. Vitamin C is also good to fight infection as it increases the amount of oxygen and helps in reducing inflammation.

An herbal tea made by adding chamomile flowers, echinacea root, mullein leaves and passion flower leaves in equal quantities help the asthma patients to improve their breathing.

Source by Chris Cornell