Unique Features and Exquisite Facade of The Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Cell Phone


Sony Ericsson "Black Diamond" collection is an advanced, highly developed and hi-tech electronic gadget. This equipment is the preferred choice of the people associated with the aristocratic societies. At present, these handsets are not just means of communication but they are also being used for playing games and running other applications. The manufactures have left no stone unturned, while producing these cool and trendy gizmos that enhance our style statements. These trendy devices are becoming a vital part of the life of professionals. Countless prince and princess love to carry an expensive replica of these gadgets in their side pockets.

The recent product launched in the series of the majestic Sony Ericsson "Black Diamond Cell Phone" has created a revolution in the mobile marts dealing in these expensive and chic widgets. This cell phone is available in a single color that is jet black. Believe me you will find it hard to resist this cool gizmo. I am sure that you will fall in love with these cool gadgets. This cell phone is bestowed with enhanced functionality and boasts its quad connectivity and high-tech JAVA applications. This quad connectivity is accommodated by Wi-Fi.

This phone is empowered with 400 MHz Intel processor having 128 MB of SD RAM memory. This handset enterprises of Windows Mobile 5 operating system are integrated with 262K TFT and 4 megapixel camera. The price of this cell phone in the market place is around three hundred dollars. Only five models have been launched up till now. This model is present in an additional version. This supplementary version encloses precious White Pearls. I am sure that you will love each second spent with these gadgets.

As the name signatures, the body of this cell phone encloses precious white pearls, in the high priced gadgets, these pearls are replaced by diamonds and exterior appearance of this cell phone is tinted in white. The left over features of this handset are identical to the black diamond cell phone. Touch pad of this receiver is enriched with some highly elegant and well designed features. It boasts some ultimate features and hi-tech preloaded JAVA software applications.

The keypad of this cellular phone is completely different from the devices which belong to this range. The cell is adorned with a few rarely found materials like polycarbonate and titanium that are often used to prepare the spacecrafts. This is one of the most stylish and expensive handsets is present in the present day market stores.

Source by Charles Besancon