Using Google Gadgets in Web Marketing


The internet marketing scenario is becoming increasingly difficult everyday. As more and more people are coming online and starting their business, a fierce competition in almost all the niches have begun. Not to speak of big converting niches like weight loss and Credit information, even in relatively unknown niches the competition is increasing like never before. In such a fiercely competitive environment, the only solution remains for online marketers is to use all the available platform to promote his websites / blogs.

At present many promotion platforms are available to web entrepreneurs such as Article Marketing, Link Building, Directory Submission, RSS submission, software submission, Forums interaction, social bookmarking and networking on Twitter and Facebook etc. All these platforms have a huge promotional science of their own and it takes one many hours and days to effectively implement his promotion strategy on these platforms.

One of the lesser known yet highly effective platform for web promotion is to create useful Google Gadgets in your niche markets and submit them to many Gadget Directories for viral spread. Owing to their super flexible structures, Google Gadgets can be easily embedded in millions of places on internet so increasing the visibility of your website / blog. Theses tiny piece of application can be easily created using a little knowledge of XML and JavaScript and almost no prior programming experience is required to create powerful interactive Gadgets in various niche markets. With the help of Google Gadget Editor, these Gadgets can be tested and verified properly before submission to Google Gadget Directory. Once they become a part of Google Gadget Directory, they can get access to millions of strong user base of iGoogle who can install these gadgets on their personalized Google homepage and on various html platforms like websites and blogs.

Source by Eklavya M