Want to Be a Successful Beachbody Coach? – Think Fitness First


The one great thing about being a Beachbody Coach is that you get to meet all sorts of interesting people. Some people want to learn more about getting into shape while others are interested in the business opportunity. From my own experience, I have come across various types of people and if someone asked me what it takes to be a good coach, my answer would be "Think fitness first."

Why the Money Hungry Mindset will Hold You Back

I have talked to people who want to learn more about becoming a coach but want very specific details on how much money can be made. Even if I try to explain that everyone is different and therefore how much effort you put in will determine your success, it just does not seem to be enough. While understanding the income potential is important (as no one wants to waste their time) it can keep you from doing what is really important as a Beachbody Coach. The business is about promoting health and earning income in the process. I have noticed that those who worried about dollars and cents never follow up to become a coach.

Fitness Motivated Individuals Have an Advantage

The other people that are health and fitness oriented start off with a huge advantage. I can see a huge difference between these individuals and the money hungry people. Most of the time, these people are interested in their own health first and then helping others to improve their health as well. Then they mention how they would like to earn extra income and eventually replace their full-time jobs.

I feel these people are starting off on the right foot. They already use the Beachbody programs or really want to use them. They often talk about their goals to get into shape and help people they know do the same. They are thinking about fitness first.

In my opinion, it does not take much to be an excellent coach. What it takes is determination and motivation to improve one's health and spread the benefits of health to others. The money will come much more easily if your mindset is to offer value rather than worrying about how much you will make per month.

If you have fun with the business, I feel you will have great success with it as well.

Source by Eartha Haines