Weight Loss Coaching – The Best Way to Fast, Permanent Weight Loss


There is an over abundance of information on how to get skinny. Promises like lose 20 pounds in a week sound good but are they safe? Will not the fat all pile back on as soon as you quit the diet? there is lots of get skinny quick information but very little on how to have a fast, permanent weight loss. Just the phrase lose weight implicates it will be found again. Left to our own devices we do find it, again and again. For most of us a permanent healthy weight is nothing more than a fantasy. A Weight Loss Coach can change the fantasy to reality.

Within the past year I learned a lot about weight loss coaching. Hiring a person to keep you accountable and motivated is a secret of people who succeeded in winning the food wars. True, there is something "off" about paying someone to get in your face but humans tend to rationalize and forget. Why else would we do the same thing over and over expecting different results? How many times have you thought "This time I can control how much I eat." That sounds like a description of insanity not a permanent, healthy weight.

My coach taught me I suffer from the "I blew it, why bother" syndrome. I did not like hearing it but I got some great suggestions to turn my thinking around. Painful as it can be, having a coach shine a mirror on your excuses and self defeating behaviors, works. And why not have a coach? Tiger Woods has a golf coach. Oprah achieved her permanent, healthy weight with the help of numerous coaches. I've always heard if you want what they got, you got to do what they do.

Do you want a healthy lifestyle that just happens to have a side effect of a fast, permanent weight loss? Learning to apply the correct information and tools is the secret to success. Guiding you in applying the information and tools is the roll of a weight loss coach.

Source by Jan Hickling