Weight Loss FAQ Series – My Friend Lost Weight – Why Did not His-Her Strategy Work For Me?


This is one of the most common questions that keep many people puzzled. Why is that someone lose weight following a particular workout, while others hardly seem to lose anything out of the same workout, even though they follow exact steps as their counterparts do.

If you observe carefully, you will find that your mom might like spicy food, but your sis develops boils even if she had a little spice in her supper. Quite a few of your friends may eat junk food all the time, and still do not pick up any fats, but your gain pounds even if you fallow a stick dieting schedule.

The answer of this question lies in the fact that every human body is designed in a different way than other. Like some people are short, and some are very tall, some are naturally muscular, while others are lean, in the same way some people react to a certain program positively while it may well be ineffective for others.

So, what's the way out then? Does that mean for you? Well, definitely not! All it means that your body type is different, and in order to lose weight, and to sustain the lost weight, you have to understand the requirements of your body and plan out your workout accordingly. The best way for it is the trial and error method. Have a go at everything that appeals you, observe what is working and what is not and then choose the working lot and leave the rest. Yes it takes time and patience to do that, but then, the results too are effective. Once you are aware of your body's functioning, after that it is really easy to select the most efficient sustainable weight loss plan for yourself.

Source by Robin Verma