What Are the Symptoms of Cold Induced Asthma?


Asthma is defined as inflammation of the airways which results from exposure to different triggers. There are many different triggers which are established to cause an attack. One example is tobacco smoke. This can start an attack if it is the specific trigger for that person. Remember that people may have different triggers. Like one person's asthma is triggered by tobacco smoke while for another person it can be triggered by allergy to pollen.

Allergy is closely linked to asthma. Like allergies to pollen, dust mites, or even food can trigger an attack. Exposure to these allergens can start an attack. Did you know that exercise is also a trigger? Yes, this specific type of asthma is called exercise induced asthma. In this case, the simple act of playing for kids can start an attack.

Another trigger is cold air. This is called cold induced asthma. People with the said disease advised not to stay in unheated rooms during winter. Simply inhaling cold, dry air can trigger an asthma attack which is why people with that kind of disease have to take extra precautions during winter months.

What are the symptoms of this kind of disease? Like other types of asthma, people with asthma cold induced experience difficulty in breathing. As the air passes swell, these become constricted which makes it hard to breathe properly. Breathing difficulty is usually accompanied by chest tightness or pain.

Another symptom of asthma cold induced is cyanosis. This means that the body lacks oxygen which makes the asthmatic person cyanotic or has bluish face or lips. Decreased levels of consciousness is also another symptom of asthma cold induced. This is also a result of the decreasing oxygen levels in the body. Some people with asthma cold induced experience loss of consciousness if the asthma attack is not reversed immediately.

Like most people who have asthma, experiencing an attack makes them apprehensive. The same is true if the person has asthma cold induced. Since the asthmatic person starts experiencing breathing difficulty, he or she will start feeling apprehensive because of the thought that something is wrong.

These are the symptoms of asthma cold induced. In the case of asthma cold induced, does it mean that you have to stay indoors during winter months? The answer is no. You can still go outside during winter months as long as you take the necessary precautions to prevent an asthma attack.

To prevent an asthma attack, you can simply wear a scarf over your nose and mouth when you are outdoors. Exercising must only be done indoors or in a heated room. You must bring your anti-asthma medicines with you at all times.

Source by Eddy Wai KK