What is a Netbook – A Short and Easy to Understand Definition


Netbooks are a fairly new category of portable devices that emerged only a couple of years ago. All started in late 2007, when Asus launched their highly compact and portable gadget called the EEE CP 700. And things moved quickly from there on for this segment.

But, even if now netbooks make for 1/5 of the sales of every laptop on the market, many of us still do not know exactly what a netbook really is that's why I'm going to detail more about this subject in this article .

It's actually hard to say exactly what is a netbook. The term was first used by Intel to name devices powered by the Intel ATOM low consumption CPU line in early 2008. But soon enough it became used to name all the sub-netbooks on the market.

So, for most people, a netbook is just a small version of a laptop but that's not entirely true. Cause there are a couple of criteria a device should meet in order to be called a netbook, and you can find these criteria below:

  1. a netbook is a compact device: these gadgets have 7 to 11 inch screens, are compact, have a low profile footprint and are quite light weighed (between 2 to 3.5 pounds). Thus, they can be easily transported around when needed
  2. a netbook should have a good battery life: these sub-laptops should provide an autonomy of at least 4-5 hours. These days, the most performant in this domain can offer you up to 10 hours and above of battery life, and that contributes a lot to their portability
  3. a netbook should be powerful enough to run basic every day applications. That means you can run an OS, a multimedia player, a web-browser or a text editing software, but not necessary a game or some kind of video / photo editing program.
  4. netbooks should have good connectivity, with Wireless Wi-fi being a must and things like Bluetooth or 3G welcomed add-ons.
  5. a netbook should be cheap. last but not least, netbooks have to have an affordable price tag, something between 200 to 500 bucks.

Of course, there are exceptions to these rules, like fashion netbooks that cost around $ 600-700 or ultra portable and small devices or even devices with a poorer battery. They can be included in the netbooks category if wanted but i for one consider all the above musts when speaking of netbooks.

So, in conclusion, here's what a netbook really is: a light and compact portable mini-laptop that can easily run every day applications and provides very good battery autonomy, all with a very good price tag.

Source by Mike Aurel Andrew