What Not to Say When Making a Phone Insurance Claim


People, especially employed corporate workers, have been saving their money for insurance and other benefits. They desire to acquire insurance policies for various cases including auto insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. What is surprising these days is that some insurance companies are now offering insurance policies for smartphone users. Due to the rising number of people owning expensive phones such as the BlackBerry and iPhone, among others, telecommunication and insurance companies adapt themselves to protect phone users. However, a recent article stated that phone insurance is unnecessary unless people own smartphones and lavish phones. Companies like AT&T, Vodafone, and Verizon have provided various insurance claims that will cover the replacement of phones that are damaged, stolen, and malfunctioning.

The things that you must not say when filing for a phone insurance claim are similar to those in seeking life and auto insurance claims.

First one is, that never claim that you are responsible for what happened to your phone. Similar to accidents within the house or on the road, ensure that the loss of your phone is caused by theft, an accident, or mechanical breakdown. Practice on how you address your problem to ensure there will be no conflicts when you tell them what happened to your phone.

Do not utter conflict associated with mental and emotional health. Insurance agents will make your claim invalid if you tell them that you had a brawl with your friends or relatives, wherein the latter is counted as your dependents.

In order for you to be given a short, detailed insurance policy, never start your discussion with the sentence “I would like to make a claim”. This approach would cause insurance agents to elaborate long and complete details of your insurance policy.

Like all types of insurance, never provide your comments while addressing your problems. Provide factual information so that the insurance agent or insurance company will provide the necessary coverage for you to replace your phone in the soonest possible time.

Avoid apologizing or saying, “I’m sorry” to the insurance agent when making a claim because an apology is similar to claiming that you are responsible for what happened to your phone. Therefore, you are not eligible to acquire an insurance claim.

Source by Mohammed Wahab