What the Heck is a Desktop Sidebar in Windows Vista?


A lot of people do not understand what a desktop sidebar is in Windows Vista. It's one of the features that come preloaded on Windows Vista. There are many widgets you can add and configure to your liking. You can get everything from news, clocks, weather, and even a pair of eyes that follows your mouse cursor. The best part of it is that these all come free with Windows Vista.

There are panels that are fully customizable and allow you to pick and choose what you want. Having your mouse cursor over a panel will give small stats of the widgets themselves. So let's have a look at a few panels:

1. Clock – The clock panel is not your regular clock. You can choose different skins, fonts, styles, and whether it will be analog or digital. Although I have seen some alien clocks that I do not think anyone could tell the time from. Usually if you put your mouse cursor over the clock, it will also bring up either a colander or special date reminders.

2. Weather – This gadget is so handy. You can check the weather by just looking at your desktop. You can configure it right to your city or another city of your choosing. It automatically updates but there is no set interval for updates.

3. News – Everyone loves news. This widget can handle not only news, but also blogs and RSS feeds.

There are hundreds of different widgets available to download for free. Just use Google to search for "free vista desktop panels." If you find any good ones, do not hesitate to let me know. I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting widgets.

Source by Justin Jimmerson