What’s Hot, What’s New


So you like to keep up with the latest gadgets, particularly the latest electronic gadgets? Be it domestic security or computer accessories, new technology gadgets have a distinct allure of their own. Traditionally, however, the latest gadgets tend to be pretty unkind to one’s pocket.

So here is some wonderful news. The fear of one’s home getting robbed is a very valid worry. Relax. The Logitech WiLife Video Security System is the newest friend of a home owner. It can be up and running in minutes and – best of all – is very affordable at an annual cost of $79.95. This system takes into account the fact that one of the first things a thief is going to make off with is the computer which is storing the housebreak footage.Instead, this footage is safely stored in Cyberspace, hundreds, maybe thousands of miles from your residence, however, very easily accessible. Amongst the new technology gadgets in the market, this must be one of the most user-friendly in the domestic security systems.

Those who are shutter-happy love to display the end product as a slideshow, particularly if they are just back from a holiday. Just because someone knows how to take fine (or maybe not so fine) photos does not mean that person also has the technical expertise required to photo edit a slideshow or even of photo software. There is this marvelous FOTOBOX Plus, a USB device solution that enables the creation of rich multimedia slideshows from photos and videos. As latest electronic gadgets go this is one new technology item that helps showcase your own creativity and skills.

Basically, FOTOBOX Plus contains an integrated memory card reader, embedded PC software with FLASH memory, and automatically runs without any installation. It offers photo editing capabilities, themed templates, motion effects, and title, background music and narration options. This makes multimedia slideshow creation more convenient for both novice and professional computer users. The software allows you to publish the slideshows to multiple disc types, including DVD, SVCD and VCD, and multiple file formats, including MPEG 1, MPEG 2, AVI, DV-AVI and WMV. The multimedia can be directly uploaded to Facebook or YouTube, and put into iPod and PSP formats, as well.

So go ahead and use your camera to its fullest and flaunt the output with the help of new technology gadgets.

Source by Maria Gini