When Giant Food Courts Make the Dying American Mall The New Destination Point


Not long ago, I went to our local mall. Previously, this mall was dying on the vine, there were no customers. All the big box store retailers had set up in and around town, and everyone stopped going to the mall, I guess because it was not cool. That and the reality of the 2008 economic recession hurt everyone. In our local mall there were a number of stores which were out of business, and an anchor tenant had left with another one close to leaving. Everyone thought it was curtains for the mall, but now it's starting to come back and do you know why? Let's talk about this for a few moments shall we?

The smartest places in America are bringing back the consumers in mass thanks to the revival of the food court concept. It makes sense to upgrade the food courts. Our local mall had a big area under construction as one of the anchor tenants left, but the upper floor was converted into a food court, and although that took almost a year to renovate, it is now opened, and it was as busy as you would ever believe. It was done in such an expert fashion that I just had to mention it.

Why do I believe it was done so well? You see, I went to a big bookstore there the other day, and I walked into the mall, walked into the food court to get lunch. As I sat down and looked around I noticed the ambience was much better than any food court I had ever been to in the past, and I've been to plenty of malls around the country. In fact after retirement I went to every city in the United States, and I often went into the local malls. After reviewing why the mall was doing so well and why this food court was so awesome I came up with the following points;

Open Space
Clean Bathrooms
Abundance of Seating
Lots of Available Choices
Noise Dampening Acoustics
Proper Music Venue of Upbeat Music

It seemed that anyone designed it did not miss a beat. They had all of those items perfectly done to support happy human shoppers. No wonder the place was packed, and no wonder the food court was represented by the top fast food and casual dining franchises, all the brand names that we've all heard of. If you are redesigning a mall, you might want to consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow