Where to Pick Up Women – Top 10 Places to Pick Up Women


Do you know where to pick up women? The truth is: You can meet beautiful women anywhere, if you know how to approach them correctly; however, there are certain places where you might get better results than others. Here are my personal top 10 favorite places to meet women:

Health Club, Gym: This is my all time favorite place to meet women. Girls are easy to approach here. Just go up to the machine your target is using, and ask if you can work in. It is important not to approach by asking, "How many sets you got left?" You do not want to scare her away. The key is to interact with her as long as possible.

Laundromats: This works really well. Just find a laundromat near a college campus to visit. These are usually loaded with hot college chicks. Try going at different times of the day.

Cruises, resort vacations: Women on cruises or resort vacations tend to let go of their inhibitions. They are out of town, they want to have fun, and they are not being watched by anyone who knows them. What happens in Vegas … you get my point.

Supermarkets: Asking questions works well here. Also, it is pretty easy to look good in a supermarket; however, the key is to look good without looking like you're trying to look good. Get that?

Beaches, pools: Easy way to show some skin. If you take good care of your body, you will have a huge advantage here. A few tips: At the pool, ask a hot girl to put some sunscreen on your back. At the beach, ask a hot sun bather if she will watch your stuff while you jump in the water. When you come back, you can naturally set your stuff up by hers and start up a conversation.

The mall: I would stay away from the store clerks, unless these women flirt with you first. That being said, there are tons of gorgeous women at every mall. Be prepared with some group tactics, as most women shop with a partner or two. Where to pick up women in the mall? The food court is a good place to start. The point is that beautiful women are everywhere at the mall.

Barbecue, block parties, festivals, picnics: If you can cook, you have an advantage here. What better way is there to meet women than to serve them something you cooked? Before you know it, you'll be sharing your special recipe with an attractive women. Pun intended.

Photography: Every hot girl with a camera thinks that she is a photographer. Take a photography class. I think you'll find the guy to girl ratio to be favorable.

Art gallery: If you like intelligent women, this is a great place to meet them. Be prepared to know your stuff, or act with confidence. Ask a woman what she knows about whichever art piece you approach her at. Even if she has only read the description, she'll tell you what she knows. If she is educated on the piece, ask her to explain it to you.

Concert at the park: These are great casual places to meet women. Try to get around and talk to as many people as you can. Again, be prepared with some group tactics for this venue.

Source by Chris B Sanchez