Whipped Cream Essentials Your Kitchen Can not Live Without


Cooking gadgets are a welcome addition to one's kitchen. Chefs prefer to make use of any new gadget that would make food preparation simpler and more convenient. The cream whipper with the nitrous oxide cartridges certainly falls into this category. This gadget is a kitchen essential that makes preparing whipped cream a breeze. It is easy to use and makes the process not as messy. A cream whipper also adds a certain flair that makes cooking a lot more interesting and fun.

Some chefs may not want to admit it, as they prefer to rely on their skill to create that perfect whipped cream. However, most would take advantage of the cream whipper as it not only makes things easier for them, but it also produces the perfect texture and consistency every time they have a need for it. The whipped cream dispenser and gas cylinders have opened a way for them to provide eye-catching presentations that adds a level of excitation and interest to the food. The frothy cream does not have to be just a drop or blob on top or at the side of the plate. The dish can be garnished differently by using a variety of decorating tips.

The process of making whipped cream is easy to do. Just fill the dispenser with heavy cream and sugar. Inject any of those gas cylinders filled with nitrous oxide to the dispenser and the gas is released to the milk and sugar mixture inside. Once the nitrous oxide combines with the milk mixture, it produces bubbles and foam and creates a frothy cream when dispensed. It certainly saves you time and energy. There is no need to keep on whisking the cream mixture for minutes to produce the result you want. There is no mess resulting from vigorously whipping the cream. The whole process takes just but minutes and you always get that perfect texture and consistency.

The cream dispenser and nitrous oxide cartridges certainly take the stress out of the whole process. Just for that, any chef would welcome this gadget and attest to its importance in the kitchen scenario. The great thing with this gadget is it also allows for storage. You can prepare it earlier and keep the charged dispenser in the refrigerator. The cream mixture will be fresh and frothy every time you are ready to use it. There is no waste and that is certainly not the case when you prepare the whipped cream manually. After some time any leftover would have to be whipped again and you may not even be able to produce the same kind of consistency as before.

The best thing about using a cream whipper and gas cylinder in preparing whipped cream is that the nitrous oxide act as an anti-bacterial agent that enables you to keep the charged dispenser stored in the ref for two weeks. It helps keep the cream stay fresh and that definitely beats the ready-made whipped cream in cans. With a cream whipper you do not have to settle for anything less. It simplifies the process. You can easily prepare a fresh frothy cream anytime. With this kind of gadget, food preparation becomes more efficient and enjoyable. This is certainly a gadget you want part of your kitchen arsenal.

Source by Marc Wallace