Why Do Blood Pressure Readings Vary So Much in Such a Short Period of Time?


Some people who check their blood pressure every hour or so notice drastic changes. It leads one into thinking if it is really possible for a reading to change so much in such a little time.

There are a couple of factors why you get various readings in such a short time. First of all, you may not be measuring correctly. This happens when you do home monitoring or you have placed the monitor cuff incorrectly. However, if you are absolutely certain that the readings are correct, there could be other things affecting it.

For one thing, it is not advisable to check the pressure of your blood right after working or working out. When you are tired, the pressure of your blood tend to be higher. You need to rest for a while before you do check it.

Also, stress can cause a surge in blood pressure. When you feel angry or agitated, your heart will naturally pump a lot harder than usual. If you want to get accurate readings, only measure when you are calm.

It is advisable to do monitoring two or three times a week and record it. This way, you can really see your real recording and you can find out if there are weird and erratic changes. Take notes and placed there what you ate that day or what activities you did so you can better know how to change your lifestyle.

Your history will tell you your real pressure level. Constantly checking it will only yield unreliable results. Consider the things mentioned above before checking.

Also, make sure you are using a reliable home monitoring system. Just because it is a spiffy device does not mean that it is reliable at all times. For non-experts, a digital monitor is the best choice so the machine will already tell you your pressure level.

Some nice and helpful functions such as an IntelliSense feature also helps a lot. This will tell you if it can not get accurate readings. It reads as accurately as it can.

It does not have to be expensive, though. Actually, these gadgets are sold in a little over or under $ 50 depending on the brand. Most of them are reliable. You just have to check for the ones that have received good ratings from other consumers.

Do yourself a favor and stop fretting over your blood pressure every other minute. Take two or three readings in a week and consult your doctor as to what you can do to help maintain a normal pressure of blood.

Source by Zach Smith