Windows 7 Duplicate File Finder – The Best Way of Finding Duplicate Files in Windows 7


According to latest investigation, over 50% PC users has duplicate files on their computer and mobile devices. And every PC user has to waste 5 minutes on the average every day in finding the right file. That is, one may need to spend 30 hours every year in looking for the right files from redundant files. You can image that will be much time you will waste in your life.

You need to clean up these unneeded, duplicate files on your computer. But if you have thousands of duplicate files, removing them by yourself is not a good idea. Because you need to browse every folder that may contain duplicate files and carefully compare them one by one. That also wastes you a lot of time.

Beside, that could be a little risky. You may delete an important file by mistake. I have the experience of deleting an important file when trying to find and remove duplicates from my computer. I have to use recovery software to recover it. So you need to be very careful.

The safest and easiest way to find duplicate files in your computer is to use a program. There are many duplicate finders on the internet. Some are free. And some are shareware. You can choose a good one to help you.

From my experience, a lot of freeware can not thoroughly detect duplicates on your computer and mobile devices. Most creators of freeware do not depend on their software so that some freeware are not regularly updated. And therefore the functions are hard to compete with the paid software.

But I am not saying all the shareware can help you. There are many paid programs that can not detect duplicate files too. What is worse, they can even consider some unique files as duplicates. That will lead to serious problems and accidental removal of useful files.

Here is my point: no matter you use shareware or freeware, you need to select the good one for you . I will tell you the most important criteria to select a good duplicate file finder for Windows 7. You need to pay extra attention to the items listed below:

1. Scanning Algorithm. CRC 32 has been proven to be the most effective scanning algorithm. Find the programs that use CRC32 algorithm.

2. Report & File Preview. Check out if the program exports detailed report after scan. Beside, some top programs allow you to preview duplicate images, play music files and videos. That can help you easily seek out the duplicates.

3. Easy File Management. Some third-class programs only allow you to remove duplicate files. Quality software not only allows you to remove them but also allows you to rename or move them to other folders.

You can find and download a good duplicate file finder for your Windows 7 after you carefully compare them with the above-mentioned criteria.

Source by Mars Wade