Windows 7 Home Premium Edition and Laptops


Windows 7 is one of the most advanced and recent operating system applications by Microsoft Corporation and a large number of people have been admiring this edition. Most of the laptops and desks that are sold these days have Microsoft Windows 7 integrated into the machine as its basic operating system. Windows 7 is a great improvement and enhancement when compared to Windows Vista and it has fixed most of the issues that were encountered while using Vista. You can easily install Windows 7 home premium or Windows 7 professional edition on your laptop; however, you need to make sure that have saved all your consider files and data first. On the other hand, if you are considering buying a laptop Windows 7 home premium or Windows 7 professional edition then following are some of the top listed laptops in the market integrated with Windows 7 operating systems.

1. Dell Series Z; one of the best notebooks with Windows 7 operating system. Neverheless, it can be extremely heavy on ones budget but it has all the latest technologies available with it.
2. HP TX2; this model has been rated as one of the best tablet notebook all around the year. It costs approximately $ 800 and the screen size is around 2-inches. It is a stylish design along with a LED backlit display. Nonetheless, mostly people find it extreme difficult to use.
3. HP dv6t; it is one of the notebooks that is rated to be the best value product. The price range is quite reasonable.

Source by Arshadali Mahmud