Windows 7 Preview – The Top 5 New Features


Windows 7 is the next release of Windows from Microsoft and is scheduled for release on October 22, 2009 . It will replace Vista which has had problems with performance, device compatibility and annoying / invasive pop-ups, alerts and notifications.

We've been looking at the Release Candidate (RC) and so far, Windows 7 looks a vast improvement on Vista. Here is a quick tour of some of the features of Windows 7 that we like.

1) Better performance

Microsoft appear to have worked hard to sort out the performance problems that Vista had. It seems that Windows 7 does appear to be faster and more responsive than its predecessor (Vista).

2) Enhanced taskbar

  • Icons are larger & clearer and easier to work with. Rearrange icons, new "Jump Lists" and full Aero enabled previews of open windows make it a lot easier to work with lots of open windows.
  • The "Show desktop" button is now more prominent and easier to use. Quickly minimize all windows with the touch of a button.

3) Desktop improvements

  • No more sidebar. Add "Gadgets" quickly and easily directly to your desktop.
  • New themes. Good looking new themes contain several high quality backgrounds that periodically rotate (similar to the Mac).
  • "Snap" feature allows you to easily compare windows side by side.

4) Less annoyance & interruption from pop-ups and alerts

  • All alerts are now contained in one place in the notification area. You can customize the notifications (pop ups) that you receive.
  • Less alerts from User Account Control (UAC). Generally, you should notice a reduction in alerts from Windows 7 compared to Vista. UAC level can be set to one of four possible levels.

5) Parental control – New to Windows 7

  • Easily set what programs (eg games) your kids can use and when (ie schedule).

So far, we are impressed with Windows 7. Although we are only running the Release Candidate at this time, it does seem pretty fast and stable. The changes and improvements go a long way towards addressing the criticisms leveled at Vista. We believe that this could be the best operating system that Microsoft has released since XP.

Source by Rowland C O'Connor