Windows 7 Upgrade: Browse Internet Fast and Track CPU Use


Although some experts say that dynamic design and Microsoft are seldom together but with the arrival of Windows 7 this statement has become irrelevant. Windows 7 upgrade is getting popularity day by day. You may take some time to be well acquainted with the new task bar and aero peek. But once you will use them for a while, you will come to know that, in fact, they are for a great computing experience. One request is also there that-please do not compare them with Windows vista. Both are different and unique in their own way.

In fact, some users following Windows 7 upgrade say that it is better that Vista in some situations. This is also inevitable that Windows 7 may attract some XP users also who never used or were apprehensive about using Vista. This could become possible on grounds like performance, usability and compatibility. There is no doubt in it that Windows 7 gives amazing look to your PC.

Best part with Windows 7 upgrade is that it consumes the least of your PC's resources. That is why more and more users are switching to Windows 7. Needless to say that it is faster, smarter and more responsive. It boasts of an improved taskbar and it also provides full-screen previews. You can get the experience of some new features like good support for virtual hard disks, advanced touch and handwriting recognition, advance performance and reliability on multi-core processors and, of course, an improved boot performance.

Furthermore, with Windows 7 Upgrade you will realize that it supports IE 8 and Windows Media Player 12. Its other gadgets can also monitor performance of your PC and track the CPU use. So, do not wait more if you are used to fast internet browsing with beautiful PC features, switch to Windows 7. Believe me- you will not regret this upgrade.

Source by Christine Thomas