Windows 7 Vs Mac OS Leopard


Windows 7 is out, and there is much comparison between it and its predecessor, Windows Vista. This is due less to Windows 7's new features, and more to Vista's old shortcomings. Because of this, there has not been much comparison between Windows 7 and its real competitor, Mac OS Leopard 4, the current operating system running natively on Apple's machines.


Until time proves otherwise, Mac OS Leopard still wins here, for a few reasons. For one, the fact that less people use it make it a less attractive target for those who wish to wreak random havoc. In addition to that, Mac's operating system is based on Unix, which is the most secure major operating system used anywhere. Although it is conceivable that, if the current market trend continues, Macs will become just as much a target as any Windows platform by virtue of being just as popular, that will not make it any easier to crack the Unix operating system as consistently as has was done to almost every release of Windows.

Ease Of Use

Apple has built their own company around ease of use, so it's easy to see why Mac OS Leopard can certainly be called the easier of the two to use. Windows 7, however, has come a long ways from Windows XP, and although the typical end user may not see much of a difference, the more technically minded will be delimited with a lot of the newer options included with Windows 7. Keep in mind , Windows 7, like all Windows platforms, is more difficult to use because it caters to so many more applications, both hardware and software. So while it is a bit harder to use, so are most other things that are just plain more capable. Simply put: if it will do what you need it to do, the Mac is easier to use; otherwise you'll use Windows 7 because you need it.

Selection Of Applications

Having dominated the operating system market for years, the Windows platform will win this comparison for some time to come. No matter what type of application you are looking for, be it office applications, games, web development, or anything else, there are a lot more options if you have Windows 7 than if you have any Mac OS. In fact, even if a particular software application runs on both platforms, new versions are generally updated for Windows first.

Source by Daniel Rosenstein