Windows 7 vs Vista


Windows 7 has been released and everyone is curious on what to expect. I had installed it on my laptop and if I compare it – Windows7 vs Vista – I would say … Go for windows 7.

So far I got only positives. Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but I've been using it for 3 weeks now and what a pleasure.

For starters if you look at the installation and how smooth that went compared to Vista then it's absolutely a plus. Installing drivers, printers, scanners and connecting it to domains and installing 3rd party software were done without any trouble.

Then the next thing that had improved is the interaction between Office 2007, printers and Windows7. Office 2007, specifically Excel and Outlook manage to go into "NOT RESPONDING" mode in Windows Vista. Printers would hang regularly – that's if you were lucky to find the drivers. After 3 weeks I've never needed to use the Task Manager!

Windows Vista, for some reason was also very power hungry. A normal laptop battery will all of a sudden have only half its standby time. Some Vista users claim that this was because of the Power Settings was wrongly set. Well, I could never get my laptop battery life to be longer.

The final nail in the chest for me was when I saw the time that I took for Windows7 to boot compared to Windows Vista. What Microsoft has changed to make Windows7 to boot so much faster I do not know but that its one of the biggest bonuses that is for certain.

I'm still hunting for negatives in Windows 7 but so far – Windows7 vs Vista – Windows 7 wins by a long way.

Source by Jeanne De Villiers