Windows Mobile 7 Has Some New Features


It is Prettier: Without any doubt Windows Mobile 7 is an elegant and stylish phone. With a typographic centric look, it looks really great. It has a fresh look which makes it distinctive from others.

It is Locked Down: Windows Mobile 7 hardware is sourced out to OEMs like the HTC or LG but the tighter control is maintained by the company over the platform. This tight control could bring advantages for WP7 over its competitor Android.

It has a single Version only: Windows phone 7 is available in one version. You will get to know about the operating system, as soon as you buy Windows phone 7. WP7 will get the similar up gradations just like other smart phones.

Hardware Requirements: There is much of guesswork involved while upgrading a new Android phone. Microsoft's Windows phone 7 has eliminated this guesswork and confusion by laying out specific requirements of hardware for all Windows phone 7 devices.

Zune Pass Support: WP7 has made the things easier. All the guys who love new music consider the Zune to be ta great music service for downloading the music. Now every WP7 is supported by this feature.

Sync client: Windows Mobile 7 also provides better access. Zune service for Windows may not be considered a good phone to PC application but for managing smart phone media from pc, Windows phone 7 provides an official solution.

It is Different: In an arena of global market where Android devices and iPhones are dominating, Windows Mobile 7 really follows an appreciative approach and it will certainly grab the attention. Beside its looks, the segmented applications with respect to the activity and quick connection with MS Office are really praiseworthy features.

Source by Arauf Khalid