Windows Vista – Which Version Of Vista Best Suited For My Needs


Windows Vista has been designed for the use of people ranging from the student or housewife who need an operating system that enables them to just browse the Internet and send and receive mails to people who are in highly technical professions. There are four different versions of Windows Vista to choose from. This does bring with it as dilemma of which version one should invest in. Each of the six versions has different functionality and this raises the risk of buying the wrong version of Windows Vista. Buy too low a version and you will not have the functionality you might require a while down the line.

Even though Vista has been hard pushed to the shelves by Microsoft there seems to be a lot of apprehension in the market among people when it comes to upgrading to Windows Vista . Vista is still in it's infant stages and may take a while, like XP, to catch on. However, if you are deciding on which of the four versions to buy then you will do good to go for the Premium version for home use. This version has a lot of multimedia features that are present in XP but are revamped to the limit. The four versions available are:

  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Business
  • Ultimate

Now it is anyone's guess that the first three versions of Vista will lack some of the features that the ultimate version of Windows Vista will have. In fact, the ultimate version will have all the combined features of the first three versions and will normally cost more. So if you just want an operating system that is fire walled and offers some protection from virus attacks over the net then go for the home basic version. If you want to make DVD 'and movies then get the premium version. The business version ironically leaves out the features such as DVD maker, Data protection and photos and entertainment. However, these features are easily available in third party packs. So if you are hell bent on upgrading to Vista if for nothing else but a change of looks, then go for the ultimate version – Just to be safe.

Source by Anmol Taneja