World Clock App for Windows Phone


Do you have friends or relatives in a different time zone? Do you need to make a call to someone in a different country? Are you unsure of the time difference? Do you want to avoid the embarrassment of making a business call at three in the morning? For Windows Phone users, there is an elegant and easy to use application to help you keep track of time. The World Clock App for Windows Phone 7 enables you to see the time for various locations in the world. You can have this application for Windows Phone free. You no longer have to guess as to whether you are calling during waking hours. The application has a large time zone database with almost everywhere in the world. The application is extremely easy to configure and even easier to use. Although the World Clock App has many functions, the display remains uncluttered and easy to navigate. In addition, Windows Phone users can customize the display for their own unique needs and desires. For example, users can configure the application to show any time zone across multiple screens. In addition, users can quickly and easily search for any city in the world and create a list of cities for easy reference. This feature gives users quick and easy access to the time zones of friends and relatives and the other important people in their lives.

The World Clock application also has a convenient stopwatch and timer feature. The stopwatch feature enables you to measure elapsed time for various activities. For runners, the World Clock enables you to keep track of individual lap times. The timer feature allows users to measure intervals of time. You can also World Clock as a night clock. With an illuminated screen, the night clock feature enables you to read the time in dark or dimly lit environments. World Clock can display in both analog and digital form. The application also provides ten beautiful themes, both digital and analog, for you to choose from. Each theme adds to the aesthetic of the application without detracting from the accessibility of its functions.

For these reasons, there are not any good alternatives to this free Windows Phone 7 application. The World Clock App is really a unique application and is completely free for download for Windows Phone users. The application is equipped with easy to use functions which are coupled with imaginative and beautiful aesthetics. With one simple download, Windows Phone users will no longer be left wondering about time zones and time differences. Overall, the World Clock application is convenient and easy to use application with an attractive and clear display. This free Windows Phone application is a must-have for Windows Phone users.

Source by Ricky Bobby