You Can Triple Your Penis Size With Just Jelqs and Stretches – Penis Enlargement Success Story!


Can you really triple your penis size with just jelqs and stretches? Apparently you can do that. I am sure you know about penile exercises and that you can permanently enlarge your penis with these exercises. As time goes on the number of skeptics seems to go down. The strangest thing is that some of the most skeptical men of penile exercises, turn out to be the ones that make the greatest amount of gains. I do have an incredible success story, that shows anyone can enlarge their penis.

Gary is a teacher in Western Pennsylvania and just like most men, who get involved with penile exercises and enlargement, he was not happy with the size of his manhood. And when a man is not happy with his penis or has other doubts about his abilities, then it greatly decreases self-esteem and confidence. Gary went to a all boys high school and it was very clear that he did not have much size, when he had to shower. It is a very common story that a lot of boys and men share.

Just like what a lot of other guys do, when they feel inadequate and small: he started to avoid sex. Some men are not really affected by their small penis size that much, but if you start avoiding sex and relationships, then the problem is pretty bad. And Gary kept hidden away for many years, until an online friend introduced him to penis exercises. Needless to say Gary had really high hopes and at that point, like most other guys, would have done anything to gain extra size.

The good thing was that Gary managed to gain a quarter of an inch very fast. It is very often the case that men are very skeptical when getting started with penile exercises. But after 2-3 weeks, most men are able to already notice small improvements, which changes everything. Once you make the first gains of quarter and half an inch, it is not easy to feel fantastic and motivated.

After making those first gains, Gary slowly but surely started to increase the intensity and length of his jelqing and stretching exercises. In a a year he managed to gain 1.5 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. So the time you spend exercising your penis does pay off, but Gary did not stop there – he kept going.

He continued to exercise for the next 2 years and the gains he made during that period put him well above average. All together Gary increased his penis length by 2.75 inches and increased his penis girth by 1.25 inches. There are a lot more men, who have made such gains as Gary has. So these gains are not that uncommon.

Of course there is no need to enlarge your penis by that much to feel more confident and increase your self-esteem. If you manage to exercise your penis for 3-4 months and use a decent penis enlargement program, then you can increase your penis by 1 inch. It is not a very difficult thing to do actually.

There are so many incredible success stories online, which are very similar to Gary`s. You can find plenty of success stories in the PEgym forums. In just a few months, you can be one of those men and tell your own story to other people. Sure, there is a chance that you will not make much gains, but if you do not try it at all, you have no chance. The only problem is that once you start, it is very hard to stop exercising your penis, because it becomes a habit. Haha!

Source by Jaan Kask