Your Electronic Store HDTV Television Buying Guide


Electronic store gadgets seem to sprout out of nowhere like mushrooms. Every time you read a newspaper or magazine and watch the television, you are introduced to the latest and most advanced technological breakthrough on the face of the earth. Of the many gizmos and devices available on the market, one thing that TV addicts may want to consider investing on is the HDTV or High Definition Television.

This new device is a more enhanced version of digital television, or DTV. The resolution in HDTV is more defined and you will truly have a more cinematic experience with this type of television.

However, when buying HDTV, you need to insure on an integrated system because it is complete and you do not have to think about connecting tuner or receiver. With the integrated system, all you need is a satellite or cable connection.

If you do not have enough money, you can probably consider the HDTV-capable set. This is an HDTV monitor but you will need to find or buy an external receiver to enable you to watch an HDTV show or program. It is important to note that an HDTV without this external receiver is just like an ordinary television set. You will not be able to enjoy high definition images even if the monitor is HDTV without this add-on.

By the way, an HDTV ready is not necessarily an HDTV capable screen or monitor. Before buying this type of system, carefully ask your sales clerk if the set is actually an HDTV screen. Better yet, just stick with the HDTV integrated system or the HTV-capable set.

Since there are many brands of HDTV in the market, choosing one can really be daunting. To help you out with this task, read the buying guide below to know what features of HDTV to look for:


The most common type of sound system used in HDTVs is the Dolby Digital Surround. Some manufacturers, however, use other type of audio systems. The best way to determine which brand has the best sound is to try them out.

Connector Ports

The number of connector ports of HDTV varies tremendously from one brand to another. So, if you are buying an HDTV, or any other television sets, you need to see if the product has all the connector ports you need.

The typical connector ports that are being used are the Composite Video, RF, A / V, RCA, Component video, VGA and HDMI.

HD Receiver / Tuner

If you do not want any fuss, you should opt for a set that has an internal HD receiver or tuner. As mentioned earlier, this is the integrated system type of HDTV set. However, if your cable or satellite provider broadcasts out or offers free external HD receiver, then you may want to buy the much cheaper HDTV set.


One of the most important features that you need to look out for when buying an HDTV is the resolution. If the resolution of the HDTV set is poor, then there is really no reason why you have to buy that set because your old television set may have better resolution.

If you want fantastic resolution, be sure to look for a set that has a vertical resolution of 1080i and 720p. Standard television usually only has a vertical resolution of 480i. By the way, the "i" here stands for interlaced, which is the type of vertical resolution being used in analog TV, while the "p" is progressive, the usual choice for digital television sets.

Source by Bob Janeway