Your Miles Per Gallon Meter


Auto enthusiasts have a new gadget to play with. The newly invented 'Kohler Miles Per Gallon Meter'
is easily attached to a vehicle and continuously displays miles per gallon when the vehicle is driven.

If you do not have a car, do not fret. This meter usually works on a bus, SUV, truck, car, motorcycle,
scooter and even an ultralite airplane! Nor does it care if you use gasoline, diesel, or ethanol.

The final topping on this cake is a price under $ 10.00. This is made possible because neither the
front sensor nor rear sensor connect to anything under the hood or dashboard. They do connect to
the windshield mounted display in a "heads up" mode.

The author explained that previous efforts to make such a meter failed because of a need to attach
to a vehicle fuel rail or carb. Just too much variety under those hoods. So he said, "Let's not do it!"
The meter that could follow quickly to completion.

If you like the Brita water filter replacement indicator LED, that does not connect to either the old
filter element, or filtered water, you'll love this one. Have fun and go to the website. see what kind of
detective you are by determining how it works. Remember, this meter gives several dead on readings
each minute when the vehicle is operated. It does not connect to anything under the hood or dashboard, not even for electrical power. That's because it does not use electric power. How can it be
Equally accurate for a truck or scooter? It is simple enough for a child to understand.

Google Kohler Miles Per Gallon Meter, or go direct to . Have fun!

Source by Joseph Kohler